Creative Writing Concentration

2015-16 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

For a checklist for the Creative Writing concentration, please click here.

Requirements & Courses

An English major with a concentration in Creative Writing requires the following courses:

An ENG 200-level literature course
4 sh

An ENG 200-level or above writing course
(ENG 210-219; 310-319)

     Majors in Creative Writing must take
    ENG 213, Introduction to Creative Writing.

4 sh

An ENG 200-level or above language course
(ENG 201-209, 301-309)

4 sh

One 300-level literature course
4 sh
One 300-level English course, preferably outside one's concentration
4 sh
Total Core Requirement
20 sh
Choose two of the following:
8 sh

ENG 315 Intermediate Nonfiction
ENG 316 Intermediate Poetry
ENG 317 Intermediate Fiction


Choose two of the following:

8 sh

ENG 366 Contemporary Writers
ENG 351 The Novel
ENG 353 Poetry
ENG 354 Short Stories
ENG 356 Nonfiction
300-level or above literature course
ENG 414 Special Topics in Creative Writing
Choose one of the following: 
4 sh

ENG 413 Advanced Creative Writing
200-400-level English elective

ENG 496 Senior Seminar: Creative Writing
4 sh
44 sh

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