Majors (English & PWR)


Studies in English include literature, language and writing, as well as the practice of literary criticism and analysis, creative writing, rhetoric and the teaching of English in secondary schools. The English curriculum encourages majors to follow their talents and interests by focusing their studies in one of three distinct concentrations: literature, creative writing or English teacher licensure. Additional options include double concentrations in the major and minors in literature and creative writing, along with interdisciplinary minors in professional writing and multimedia authoring. Student may also double-major in English and Professional Writing and rhetoric. Students interested in the major have many opportunities to enrich their studies through internships, undergraduate research, study abroad, residential-learning, student-run publications and organizations.

Degree Concentrations in English


A Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English, Literature concentration requires 44 semester hours.

Literature Degree Requirements & Courses

Creative Writing

A Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English, Creative Writing concentration requires 44 semester hours.

Creative Writing Degree Requirements & Courses

Teacher Licensure

A Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English, Teaching Licensure concentration requires 83 semester hours.

Teacher Licensure Degree Requirements & Courses

Special Education Teacher Licensure

A Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English, Special Education Teacher Licensure concentration requires 99 semester hours.

Special Education Teacher Licensure Degree Requirements & Courses

Double-concentrations and Double-majors

Students are encouraged to pursue a double concentration or a double major, either to combine liberal arts and pre-professional training (creative writing/professional writing or literature/professional writing) or to study the interconnectedness of writing and reading (literature/creative writing). Completing a dual concentration in English requires a capstone experience in each concentration. For more information, see your English major advisor or the English department chair.

Professional Writing and Rhetoric (PWR)

The major in Professional Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) offers a flexible, hands-on, liberal Arts Education. PWR is built around a common set of courses, and individualized through a set of electives carefully selected by students in consultation with their PWR advisor. Additional flexibility is achieved through the pursuit of internships, undergraduate research, and outside electives.

The aim is to give students the flexibility to construct an educational experience that matches their interests while also ensuring a firm disciplinary foundation.

For more information on a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Writing and Rhetoric, please visit the PWR website.


Elon’s English department offers two minors in literature and creative writing.

The department also contributes courses to interdisciplinary minors, including Professional Writing Studies, Multimedia Authoring, African/African-American Studies, American Studies, Jewish Studies, Classical Studies, Asian Studies, Middle East Studies, Latin American Studies, Leadership Studies, and Non-Violence Studies.

Literature Minor

Literature Minor Requirements & Courses

Creative Writing Minor

Creative Writing Minor Requirements & Courses

Professional Writing Studies Minor

Professional Writing Studies Minor Requirements & Courses

Multimedia Authoring Minor

Multimedia Authoring Minor Requirements & Courses