Senior Assessment

All Senior English majors must undergo three kinds of assessment in order to graduate. An assessment by the English Department, an assessment by some external agency (according to concentration), and a senior seminar.

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Attendance Policy

In support of the principle of academic freedom, but also mindful of the need for appropriate consistency, the Elon University’s English Department approves the right of its faculty members to establish individual guidelines for student class attendance. Visit the page link below to learn more about the attendance policy.

English Department Attendance Policy

Student Organizations, Publications, and Projects

The English Department has a number of active student run organizations and publications available to English majors, providing students an opportunity to engage with and learn from others with similar interest in English disciplines.

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Study Abroad

Elon University offers a variety of opportunities for students to study abroad. To an English major, Great Britain would seem like the obvious choice, but this is just one of many options. Below are some opportunities which have been offered in the past that carry English credits. Other opportunities exist for English majors to study abroad.

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Here are some web pages suggested by the English Department faculty which will be helpful: