A degree in English transcends a skills-based approach to learning: it teaches you to think critically, write effectively, and interpret a complex world.  As one of the core liberal arts, English helps you develop ways of knowing and acting in the world that are central to both your personal and professional lives.

The abilities you develop as an English major prepare you to pursue a wide range of careers.  The list below offers a sample of the career paths of recent Elon English alumni.

Law and Government

  • Lawyer
  • Assistant District Attorney
  • Law Clerk
  • Senior Program Officer, U.S. Department of State


  • Vice President of Global Strategy
  • Business Analyst
  • Director, Business Development
  • Lead Audit Consultant
  • Software Analyst
  • Database Administrator


  • Enterprise Risk Management Officer at a Pension Fund
  • Complex Securities Analyst
  • Financial Services Consultant
  • Mortgage Servicing Specialist
  • Pension Benefits Analyst

Non-Profit and Community Outreach

  • Community Relations and Volunteer Manager
  • Community Outreach Specialist
  • Museum Educator
  • Pastor for Community Groups
  • Labor Union Officer
  • Grant Program Manager


  • Associate Editor, Business and Financial Book Publishing
  • Publications Coordinator
  • Copy Editor
  • Magazine Editor
  • Agent Assistant, Book Division
  • Editor-in-Chief

Writing and Journalism

  • Technology Reporter for Science Magazine
  • Freelance Writer
  • Published Poet
  • Published Fiction Writer
  • Grant Writer

K-12 Education

  • TESOL Teacher Abroad (Indonesia, Thailand, etc.)
  • Fulbright English Teaching Assistant
  • Middle School English Teacher
  • High School English Teacher
  • High School Librarian
  • Principal

Higher Education

  • Associate Professor of English
  • Writing Center Director
  • Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Assistant Director of Study Abroad
  • Director of College Counseling
  • Dean of Residence Life

Advertising and Marketing

  • Advertising Coordinator
  • Marketing Manager
  • Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Professional Marketing Blogger
  • Communications and Social Media Coordinator
  • Digital Content and Social Media Strategist
  • Media Manager
  • Publicist
  • Content Strategist for Search Engine Optimization Marketing Firm
  • Copywriter

Science and Health

  • Community Health Facilitator
  • Clinician
  • Assistant Scientist
  • ER Nurse
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech Consultant
  • Business Manager, Veterans Health Administration

Arts and Design

  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • Production Manager
  • Web Developer