At Elon University, the English Department lives by and for the excitement of language and texts through our commitment to first-year writing and general education, our major concentrations and minors, and interdisciplinary programs. Our mission is to impart the passion and skills necessary for our students to become effective critical, rhetorical, and creative communicators across a diverse and multicultural world. We engage our students in deep explorations of texts, ideas, writers, cultures, histories, and audiences. We provide extensive opportunities for writing, interpreting, designing, and teaching. We encourage engaged learning, extending classroom practice into professional, personal, community, and technological contexts.

The Department of English is committed to:

  • Providing all Elon students with a life-enriching appreciation of literature, language and writing
  • Helping all Elon students develop the ability to write more effectively
  • Providing English majors with a comprehensive education in their chosen field, encouraging careful specialization in one of the four concentrations within the major
  • Providing a rich variety of courses for non-majors as fulfillment of the General Studies requirements
  • Enriching the aesthetic and cultural climate of the university and the local community by sponsoring events outside the classroom
  • Playing a part in the development of interdisciplinary minors, especially Women’s and Gender Studies, African-American Studies, Environmental Studies, Professional Writing Studies, Classical Studies, Multimedia Authoring and Latin American Studies by offering courses in these areas
  • Providing scholarly and professional role models for our students
  • Using technology in forms that enhance the teaching, learning and practicing of language, literature and writing.

Technology Statement of the Department of English

The Department of English is committed to using technology in forms that enhance the teaching, learning and practicing of language, literature and writing.

Because we appreciate the impact technology has and can have on literate practices, we strive to remain informed about the ways it affects not only our teaching, but also the production, reception and circulation of language and literacy. As informed professionals, we strive to make wise decisions about how we integrate technology pedagogically and to develop in our students a critical awareness of technology within English studies.