Double Concentrations

Students are encouraged to pursue a double concentration, either to combine liberal arts and pre-professional training (creative writing/professional writing or literature/professional writing) or to study the interconnectedness of writing and reading (literature/creative writing). Completing a dual concentration in English requires 52 semester hours and must include a capstone experience in each concentration. For more information, see below or check your English major advisor or the English Department chair.

Major Requirements: Double Concentration in Literature and Creative Writing

A minimum of 52 s.h. in the following courses is required.

Core Requirements (20 s.h.)

Literature (4 s.h.): ENG 200-level  (Choose a survey course from ENG 221-224.)

Language Studies (4 s.h.): ENG 201-209 or 301-309

Writing (4 s.h.): ENG 210-219 or 310-319  (Take ENG 213)

300-level literature course (4 s.h.)  (Take ENG 366, 351. 353, 354, or 356)

300-level English course outside of concentration area (4 s.h.)
(Choose a literature or creative writing elective; an additional course from ENG 366, 351, 353,
354, 356 is recommended)

Concentration (32-36 s.h.)

Additional survey course from ENG 221-224 (4 s.h.)

Four additional 200-300-level literature courses (or three additional literature courses, if a literature course is chosen for the core elective requirement) from at least 3 of the following categories; a genre course is recommended; 12-16 s.h.
Historical Studies (ENG 320 – 329)
Cultural Studies (ENG 330-339)
Author Studies (ENG 340 – 349)
Genre Studies (ENG 350-359) 
Critical Practice and Theory (ENG 200, 250, 333, 362)

Two additional 300-level creative writing courses (8 s.h.) chosen from:
ENG 315 Intermediate Nonfiction
ENG 316 Intermediate Poetry
ENG 317 Intermediate Fiction

ENG 495 (4 s.h.) - Senior Seminar: Literature
ENG 496 (4 s.h.)- Senior Seminar Creative Writing

Other Requirements:
• At least one literature course must have a global/multicultural designation.
• At least two literature courses must have a pre-1800 designation
• At least 20 hours of literature must be at the 300-level or above
• A literature course may satisfy multiple requirements if possible (i.e., ENG 221 satisfies both a survey and a pre-1800 requirement)