2013-14 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Elon's English department offers two minors in literature and creative writing. 

The department also contributes couses to interdisciplinary minors, incuding Professional Writing Studies, Multimedia Authoring, African/African-American Studies, American Studies, Jewish Studies, Classical Studies, Asian Studies, Middle East Studies, Latin American Studies, Leadership Studies, and Non-Violence Studies.


Literature Minor

A minor in literature requires 20 semester hours chosen among the following courses:

One Critical Theory and Practice course (4 sh) chosen from the following

ENG 200 Critical Conversations in Literary Studies
ENG 250 Interpretations of Literature
ENG 333 Women in Literature: Feminist Approaches
ENG 362 Film Criticism

One ENG elective (4 sh)

Three additional ENG literature courses*, at least one of which must be designated pre-1800 (12 sh)

*Note: At least 8 sh of literature courses must be at the 300-level or above.


Creative Writing Minor

A minor in creative writing requires 20 semester hours chosen among the following courses:

ENG 213 Creative Writing (4 sh)

Two or three of the following (8-12 sh)

ENG 315 Intermediate Creative Writing: Nonfiction
ENG 316 Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG 317 Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction

One or two of the following (4-8 sh)

ENG 366 Contemporary Writers
Genre courses (ENG 351, 352, 353, 354, 355, 356)
ENG 413 Advanced Creative Writing Workshop
ENG 414 Special Topics in Creative Writing

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