Undergraduate Research News

SURE scholars present summer research

Students participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences program spent eight weeks on campus collaborating with faculty on a variety of projects.

Lumen Scholar researches the interplay of dance students and power

Elon University senior Rachel Mehaffey used the university's top prize for undergraduate research and creative achievements to study the way dancers interpret what they are asked to perform on stage and in the classroom.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Caroline Crew '15

Using economic data from China, an Elon University senior found that tourism helps reduce poverty for many residents in developing countries, though some people are helped more than others.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Jake Sokoloff ‘15

An Elon University music theatre major and Elon College Fellow interviewed residents of a local retirement community for stories shared in an original production.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Lauren Packard '15

An Elon University senior independent major in neuroscience made a surprising discovery when she tracked brain activity in dancers being shown how to perform a new task.

Scholarship takes center stage at SURF

Elon University students and professors shared research findings and creative work Tuesday at the Spring Undergraduate Research Forum, a day set aside each spring for the campus community to celebrate scholarship and faculty mentoring relationships.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Mia Watkins '16

A cinema & television arts major conducted ethnographic interviews as part of ongoing research on the future of the Internet.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Kaitlin Sands '15 and Melissa Mischka '15

Though parents of preschoolers focus more of their efforts on teaching children how to read, two Elon University seniors found that you don’t have to be a wizard with numbers to create in young people a love for math and science.

CELEBRATE! Week runs April 27 - May 2

Hundreds of Elon students will be involved in activities during CELEBRATE! 2015, a celebration of achievements in academics and creative endeavors that culminates with the university's second annual extravaganza of the arts & sciences.

Honors Fellow receives national summer research fellowship

Students and faculty participate in physics conference

Elon Lumen Scholar Helen Meskhidze '16 and Associate Professor Anthony Crider each presented at a regional meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers at Wake Forest University from March 27-28.

Lumen Scholar sheds light on impacts of microfinance

Research by Elon University senior Kate Smith-Lin finds that citizens of Indonesia don’t necessarily save more money after a bank opens in rural areas, but they do change the way they save, making it easier to protect their families in times of crisis.

Math majors and faculty present at regional conference

A total of six math majors and faculty presented at the annual conference of the Southeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America in Wilmington, N.C., on March 13-14, 2015.

Elon engineering research featured in News & Record

An airport security project managed by Associate Professor Scott Wolter and two students was showcased on March 15, 2015, in one of North Carolina's largest daily newspapers.

Amanda Sturgill, Mattie Gainer '15 present at AEJMC Midwinter Conference

The communications professor and strategic communications major shared their joint research paper, “Tweeps as sources: A comparison of legacy and new news outlets,” at a March 6-7 conference held at the University of Oklahoma.

Teaching Fellows and Stephen Byrd present at 2015 NC-Council for Exceptional Children Conference

The associate professor of education and two inquiry mentee Teaching Fellows shared their research at the council's 2015 conference in Pinehurst, N.C.

Abstract Writing Workshop - Tue. March 3
Abstract Writing Workshop being held on Tuesday, March 3rd in Belk Library, Room 102 from 4:15-5:15.


Lumen Scholar's work gives voice to African immigrants

Elon University’s top prize for undergraduate research and creative achievement assisted senior Omolayo Ojo in her efforts to share why people from Senegal move to the United States, and what effect those moves have on families left behind.

Elon senior uses Lumen Prize to write first novel

Brianna Duff used the university's top award for undergraduate research and creative achievement to combine her love of physics and writing into a story driven by scientific principles.

Math major and faculty present at national conference

Robin French '15 and Assistant Professor Chad Awtrey presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings from Jan. 10-13, 2015, in San Antonio, Texas.

Professor and alumni publish two research articles

Recent graduates Chris Shill '14 and Erin Strosnider '14 each co-authored an article with Assistant Professor Chad Awtrey in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics based on research conducted during the 2013-2014 academic year.

First-year Communications Fellows share research

During a Dec. 4 on-campus poster session, Elon University’s first-year Communications Fellows discussed their research regarding human relationships and interactions.

Lumen Prize helps Elon student research cell death in kidney failure

Senior Thomas Lampl has used the university’s highest honor for undergraduate research and creative achievement to study a laboratory model that may help future doctors better understand the human body’s reaction to sepsis.

Junior Poster Session highlights work of Elon College Fellows

An annual program for top scholars in Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences, featured a panel discussion on Dec. 1, 2014, led by an accomplished alumnus now earning his doctorate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Elon named a top university for undergraduate research

The national Council on Undergraduate Research ranks Elon among the nation's top 57 colleges and universities "leading the way" in student participation. 

Math majors & faculty give talks at sectional meeting of the American Mathematical Society

Two students and one faculty member spoke at the Southeastern Sectional Meeting of the American Mathematical Society, which was held Nov. 8-9, 2014, at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Math and Stat majors attend, present, and win an award at regional research conference

A total of 10 Elon students attended the 10th Annual Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference on Saturday, November 1, 2014, at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro.

Undergraduate Nutrition Research

The purpose of this study is to identify differences in eating patterns of undergraduate students based on their residential environment.

2014 President's Report highlights faculty and student scholarship

President Leo M. Lambert has issued his annual report detailing impressive research being done by Elon faculty and students.

Lumen Scholars publish a biochemistry paper

Senior biochemistry majors and Lumen Scholars Taylor Davis and Tom Lampl had a manuscript about their research accepted for publication in the Journal of Visual Experimentation. 

Class of 2018 begins journey toward global citizenship

More than 1,500 first-year and transfer students arrived on campus Friday set on learning about social and economic issues impacting their world while finding ways to improve the lives of others.

Math majors and faculty present at national MathFest conference

Three students and two faculty members presented at MathFest 2014, the national conference of the Mathematical Association of America, in Portland, Oregon, on August 6-9, 2014.

Brain injuries & higher education a focus of student research

Two Elon University student workers in the Office of the Registrar have studied military veterans and students with traumatic brain injuries who enroll in college in need of particular advising resources.

Student research shared in poster presentations

A two-month program ended July 25, 2014, with scholars in Elon University’s Summer Undergraduate Research Experience displaying their work for professors and peers inside McKinnon Hall during a special College Coffee.

Elon seminar focuses on undergraduate research mentoring

Professors from 26 colleges and universities were on campus July 13-18, 2014, for a research program hosted by the Center for Engaged Learning.

Chad Awtrey receives national award for undergraduate research mentoring

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Chad Awtrey has been chosen to receive the 2014 Early Career Mentoring Award from the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science within the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR).

Paul Miller: mentor in research for faculty and students

Professor of Exercise Science Paul Miller guides students and faculty members, helping shape their path and reach their full potential.

Chad Awtrey and math majors publish research article

Assistant professor of mathematics Chad Awtrey and Elon undergraduates Brett Barkley '15, Jeremy Guinn '14 and Mackenzie McCraw '14 published their research article in the latest issue of the Pi Mu Epsilon Journal.

Lumen Scholar researches role of Christians in the Holocaust

Recent Elon University graduate Sarah Holland's study of Christian complicity in the evils of Nazi Germany shed light on the way people of faith can be led astray by leaders who exploit religious beliefs at the expense of marginalized populations.

Six seniors receive Fulbright awards

The Class of 2014 is sending more scholars overseas next year with Fulbright English Teaching Assistant grants than any previous class in Elon University history.

From Holden Caulfield to Harry Potter, young adult literature strikes chords for all ages

Over the past two years, Elon University senior and Lumen Prize recipient Michelle Nussbaum has used a top award for undergraduate research to pinpoint the reasons many older readers find comfort in novels written for adolescent audiences.

Lumen Scholar studies the narratives of welfare

Elon University senior Greg Honan researched the stories two former presidents told of public assistance recipients and found a direct influence on the way local politicians talk about social services.

Faculty and staff recognized at annual awards luncheon

Four outstanding faculty members and 21 retirees were honored for excellence and service to Elon on May 14.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Ethan Andersen '14

The music theatre major from New Orleans is the creative force behind "HeadVoice," an original production that opens Thursday in Box Black Theatre for four performances.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Mat Goldberg '14

A psychology major recently awarded a Fulbright to teach English in South Korea researched the emerging theory of authentic leadership by surveying two very different groups of people.

Students and professors showcase scholarship at SURF

The 21st annual Spring Undergraduate Research Forum included poster sessions and classroom presentations from more than 200 Elon University students who teamed with faculty mentors to explore questions related to their fields of study.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Gloria So '14

A human rights & social justice independent major has spent two years comparing local and national media perceptions of poverty in Appalachia.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Raven Bennett '14

A strategic communications major teamed with the director of Elon University's African & African-American Studies program to conduct undergraduate research into the portrayal of plus-sized black women in popular media.

Elon names 2014 Lumen Scholars

The university's top award comes with $15,000 to support and celebrate academic and creative achievements.

Prudence Layne presents paper and leads workshop at the Mico Research Day Conference in Jamaica

The associate professor of English & coordinator of African and African-American Studies program was invited to present a paper titled "Transforming Higher Education: Restructuring Space and Minds” and lead a workshop for faculty during the Mico University College's Week of Activities held in Kingston, Jamaica during the week of April 8.

Lumen Scholar traces the history of mental illness guide

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is the nation’s most recognized resource for classifying conditions like depression and anxiety, but through five editions and half a century, its self-professed raison d'être continues to evolve. Elon University senior Kelsey O’Connell set out to learn “why,” and more importantly, she wanted to pinpoint “how.”

Awtrey, Shill '14, and Strosnider '14 give invited research presentation at UNCG

Math majors Christopher Shill '14 and Erin Strosnider '14 and assistant professor of mathematics Chad Awtrey gave a joint, invited presentation at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro, on April 9, 2014.

Elon senior and mentor publish research on intergenerational service learning

Emily Delaplane '14 conducted a study with Professor Cindy Fair of the way second grade students interacted with older adults in local retirement communities.

Cindy Fair, two young alumni publish research on HIV/AIDS issues

The professor of human service studies worked with Lauren Taylor '10 and Jamie Albright '13 on recently completed studies that have been published or presented to international audiences.

Math majors present at the Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics

Math majors Chris Shill '14 and Erin Strosnider '14 presented their research at the spring conference of the Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics  held at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah on March 14-15, 2014.

Pixels or paper? Lumen Scholar examines the classroom value to both

As a growing number of grade schools complement traditional textbooks with computer tablets, senior Jeff Stern is using a top Elon University award to research the way children retain information from the two types of media.

Professors, alumna publish research in Applied Economic Letters

Steve DeLoach, Jennifer Platania and Stephanie Franz '11 studied the effects of part-time work on students’ academic performance.

Elon College Fellow wins national biology research award

Mary Savarese '14 received the David S. Bruce Outstanding Undergraduate Abstract Award from the American Physiological Society.

Lumen Scholar researches new method to help struggling students

Elon University senior Leigh Iler developed strategies for a middle school tutoring program as she studied an emerging technique for deciding whether students require special education.

Chad Awtrey and Christopher Shill '14 publish research article

Assistant professor of mathematics Chad Awtrey and mathematics and physics double major Christopher Shill '14 have published a research article on the intersection of p-adic numbers and Galois theory.

When death and the devil changed the history of music

Wesley Rose is using the Lumen Prize, Elon University’s top award for undergraduate research and creative achievement, to explain how a famous 19th century composer used mortality and superstition to shape the evolution of classical piano performances.

Lumen Scholar helps close 'gap' in scholarship on WWII leader

Claire Mayo's freshman survey course three years ago sparked an undergraduate research project that may one day lead her to become a top expert on former French leader Charles de Gaulle.

Lumen Prize project takes aim at Parkinson’s

Inspired in part by his grandmother’s fight against Parkinson’s disease, Elon University senior Andrew Fischer hopes his undergraduate research will be a small contribution to the elusive search for a cure to the degenerative neurological condition.

Ursula Saelzler ’13 receives Phi Kappa Phi award

The Phi Kappa Phi Love of Learning Award will help the young Elon University alumna as she begins her graduate studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

SURE scholars present summer research

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences program offers students stipends to spend eight weeks on campus collaborating with faculty on a variety of projects.

Undergraduate researchers mentor Elon Academy scholars

High school students in the university’s college access and success program met Thursday with current Elon students taking part in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience.

Elon sophomore wins Boren Scholarship

Omolayo Ojo’s $10,000 award covers her expenses to study in Senegal for the fall semester as she conducts Lumen Prize research on African emigrants to the United States.

Elon senior curates exhibit on local Native Americans

Anthropology major Erin Mellett researched and organized an exhibit on the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation that opens May 9 at the Mebane Historical Museum.

Lumen Scholar identifies key traits of successful attorneys

In a series of interviews with lawyers and career specialists, Sarah Kowalkowski '13 pinpoints the characteristics of students who thrive in law school - and then their profession.

Psychology students co-author presentations with Amy Overman

Projects were supported by funding from Elon's Undergraduate Research Program and the Elon College Fellows program.