Undergraduate Research News

Math majors present at regional conference, one receives award

Jacie Cooper '18, Morgan Ferguson '19, Nicholas Hadgis '18, Peter Komlofske '19, Olivia Lennox-Sanzone '18, Kiley Shannon '18 and Janae Williams '18 presented at the 13th Annual Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference held at UNC-Greensboro on Nov. 3-4, 2017.

Scholars’ Table event fosters student discussions about global research

A panel presentation from student researchers and round table discussions over a shared meal allowed students to talk about undergraduate research.

Lumen Scholar learns to adapt as she explores community health care in Uganda

Elon Lumen Scholar Samantha Perry ’18 is researching the challenges that Village Health Team volunteers face in delivering health care in Uganda. 

'Make student mentoring matter': Inside Higher Ed features Elon faculty insights 

A column co-authored by Elon faculty members Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler and Paul Miller along with two colleagues from other institutions was featured Oct. 27

Matera named to Rawls endowed professorship

Kathy Matera, a professor of chemistry, will spend the next two years as the Japheth E. Rawls Professor for Undergraduate Research in Science. 

SURE students offer look into summer research initiatives

Fifty-four Elon students presented the work they've undertaken during Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences, an eight-week deep dive into research. 

CELEBRATE! profile: Amber Adams-Kuebler

An elementary education major explores the potential barriers to integrating environmental education into the curriculum at an Educating Children Outdoors campus. 

CELEBRATE! profile: Katherine Korol

An accounting major who is well-versed in information science delves into how auditing for fraud is evolving during this era of Big Data. 

Posters and presentations: Hundreds of students, faculty showcase scholarship during Spring Undergraduate Research Forum

The daylong event puts the spotlight on cutting edge undergraduate research through poster and oral presentations around Elon's campus. 

CELEBRATE! profile: Cameron Jackson

A strategic communications major explores the acceptance of natural hair among black female college students. 

CELEBRATE! profile: Justin Bellinger

An economics major explores how a person's mental health can impact their paycheck. 

CELEBRATE! Week to honor student academic, artistic achievements

The week of April 24 through 28, Elon students, faculty and staff will be involved in activities to mark CELEBRATE! 2017, a celebration of achievements in academics and creative endeavors. 

Elon hosting Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Conference this week

The two-day conference that starts March 31 brings together students, faculty and staff from universities throughout the Colonial Athletic Association to share the results of undergraduate research initiatives. 

Math majors and faculty shine at professional conference

A total of 13 math majors and faculty attended the 2017 Southeastern Sectional Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America, held at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, on March 9-11.

Elon team developing therapeutic boot lands crucial biotechnology grant

The collaboration between engineering and physical therapy faculty has produced a prototype that targets nonhealing diabetic foot ulcers.

Passion for pure math theory fuels Lumen Scholar's research

Peter Jakes '17 is among the recipients of the Lumen Prize, which provides selected students with a $15,000 scholarship and celebrates their academic and creative accomplishments. 

Lumen Scholar takes top paper award at regional conference on the study of religion

Three other Elon students were selected to present undergraduate research projects to the Southeastern Commission on the Study of Religion.

Lumen Scholar leaps at chance to research impact of chronic injuries on dancers

Ashley King '17 is among the recipients of the Lumen Prize, which provides selected students with a $15,000 scholarship and celebrates their academic and creative accomplishments.

Math faculty and alumnus publish research article in international journal

Michael Keenan '16, Associate Professor Jim Beuerle and A.L. Hook Associate Professor Chad Awtrey published a research paper in the most recent issue of the International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.

Lumen Scholar is all ears as she explores the impact of birth stories on first-time mothers

Michelle Reissig ’17 is among the recipients of the Lumen Prize, which provides selected students with a $15,000 scholarship and celebrates their academic and creative accomplishments.

Zito, student present research at sociology conference

Professor Rena Zito and Elon student Colleen Fitzpatrick '17 presented their research at the North Carolina Sociological Association conference

Student Write-In - Jan. 18

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School of Communications publishes fall 2016 issue of research journal

This semester's edition marks the 14th in the history of the Elon Journal, the nation’s first and only undergraduate research journal in communications.

Resources on high-impact undergraduate research practices available at Elon’s Center for Engaged Learning

Elon’s Center for Engaged Learning offers resource on high-impact undergraduate research practices.


Elon math department has strong showing at MathFest, with Lumen scholar taking home award

Peter Jakes '17, Professor Jeff Clark, Assistant Professor Aaron Trocki, and A.L. Hook Associate Professor Chad Awtrey gave presentations at MathFest in Columbus, OH, on Aug. 3-6, 2016.

Elon research about how athletes perceive pain generates international attention

Nicole Razor '16, a member of the Elon women's basketball team, and Exercise Science Professor Eric Hall looked into how an athlete's perception of pain before an injury factored into how they experienced pain when injured. 

Experts gather to share best practices for mentoring undergraduate researchers

The conference hosted July 24-25 by Elon University's Center for Engaged Learning featured keynote addresses from George Kuh and W. Brad Johnson and ongoing collaborative research from 26 institutions. 

From novels to neuroscience, SURE scholars dive deep into research

This year's 53 students participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences program presented mid-summer progress in their work on July 22.

Elon faculty present at the Council for Undergraduate Research Biennial Meeting

Eric Hall, Paul Miller, Tim Peeples and Maureen Vandermaas-Peeler presented at the CUR Biennial June conference held at the University of South Florida in Tampa. 

Paul Miller named assistant provost for communications and operations

Miller's appointment was announced May 31, 2016, by Provost Steven House.

The Elon community celebrates scholarship at SURF

Elon University students and professors shared research findings and creative work Tuesday at the Spring Undergraduate Research Forum, a day set aside each spring for the campus community to recognize scholarship and faculty mentoring relationships.

Elon names 2016 Lumen Scholars 

The university’s top award for undergraduate scholars comes with $15,000 to support and celebrate academic and creative achievements. 

CELEBRATE! Week Schedule

This week, Elon students are involved in activities to mark CELEBRATE! 2016, a celebration of achievements in academics and creative endeavors. 

Five School of Communications students present research at NCUR

Nicole Miller ’16, Tara Wirth ’16, Xernay Aniwar ’17, Leena Dahal ’17 and MaryClaire Schulz ’17 shared their research projects at the largest undergraduate interdisciplinary conference in the country.

Chad Awtrey and alumni publish math research paper
A.L. Hook Assistant Professor Chad Awtrey and alumni Brett Barkley '15, Nicole Miles '15, Chris Shill '14, and Erin Strosnider '14 published their paper, "Degree 12 2-adic fields with automorphism group of order 4", in the most recent issue of the Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics.


Challenging traditional diversity discourse in higher education 

Elon senior Claire Lockard used the Lumen Prize, the university’s top award for undergraduate research and creative achievement, to reconceptualize what is meant by "identity" and reimagine the possibilities for diversity on college campuses.

Exposing pre-Olympic human rights abuses in Rio de Janeiro

Elon University Lumen Scholar Michelle Alfini visited Rio de Janeiro to analyze the media’s lacking coverage of human rights violations prior to this year’s Olympic Games and fill the void in coverage through her website, RightingRio.com.

A problem with proteins produces a different kind of outcome

Senior biochemistry major Michelle Landahl wanted a summer research project to help answer longtime questions about particular types of cellular proteins. Things didn’t work out as planned.

Microfinance can help home businesses recover from calamity in developing countries

Research by Elon University senior Michael Keenan finds that household businesses in Indonesia are more likely to cope with natural disasters and disease when they have access to banks that provide savings and loans.

Forging identities through hip hop

As Miles Williams 15 co-captained the Elon Phoenix football team over the past year, he was also conducting undergraduate research just a few miles away on the way hip hop music might help African-American children develop self-confidence and a sense of self.

Math majors and faculty present at the national Joint Mathematics Meetings

Peter Jakes '17, Michael Keenan '16, Sara Rodgers '16, Jesi Weed '16, Professor Jeff Clark, Professor Crista Arangala, and A.L. Hook Assistant Professor Chad Awtrey presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Seattle from Jan. 6-9, 2016.

Lumen Scholar, alumna and math faculty publish research article

Honors Fellow and Lumen Scholar Peter Jakes '17, alumna Robin French '15, associate professor Alan Russell and A.L. Hook assistant professor Chad Awtrey published a research paper in the inaugural issue of the Minnesota Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics.

Student researcher tackles concussions head-on

Personal experience has driven Elon University senior Kayla Harvey to study the way collegiate varsity student-athletes recover from the type of head injuries that each year affect millions of Americans.

Mapping the universe through computer modeling

Elon senior Helen Meskhidze, a recent finalist for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship, is using the university’s top prize for undergraduate research and creative achievement to help astrophysicists study galaxies that create stars at rates far greater than average.

PURM releases special issue 'Inclusion of Students from Historically Underrepresented Groups in Undergraduate Research'

The special issue of 'Perspectives on Undergraduate Research and Mentoring' contains five research articles.

Six math majors present at UNCG conference

A total of 20 students and faculty attended, and six students presented, at the 11th Annual Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro on Nov. 7, 2015.

Taking another look at the biblical Ruth & Naomi

Elon University's Summer Undergraduate Research Experience helped senior Shelby Lewis create an academic project that examines the lives of people described in the Old Testament Book of Ruth.

Elon students & faculty research gender gap in philosophy classes

Supported by a grant from the Diversity Infusion Project through Elon's Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, three seniors and three professors are trying to answer why women show less interest in taking philosophy courses or pursuing philosophy as a major.

National scholarship funds Elon student's summer project at Caltech

Elon University senior Christian Seitz received a 2015 Amgen Scholarship to research the 3D structure of molecular bases within the human nose that allows humans to detect scent.

Helping police interview people new to the English language

Research by Elon University senior Cecily Basquin points to shortcomings in the way law enforcement gather eyewitness information from non-native English speakers, and she hopes her work – already being shared at international conferences – will lead to improvements in the criminal justice system.

Math majors and faculty publish research article

A research team consisting of Jesi Weed '16, Sara Rodgers '16, Nicole Soltz '17, Assistant Professor Kristen Mazur, and A.L. Hook Professor in Science & Mathematics Chad Awtrey published an article in the most recent issue of an international mathematics journal.

2015 President's Report highlights faculty and student scholarship

Elon scholars are making an impact in our world through groundbreaking research on campus and around the globe. The annual President's Report profiles inspiring faculty and student researchers who are striving to build a brighter future. 

English majors participate in undergraduate research workshop

Christian Kowalski and Miranda Romano participated in the 2015 Naylor Workshop on Undergraduate Research in Writing Studies at York College.

Students share research in inaugural public health forum

Elon University, Davidson College and Furman University collaborated this month to host an undergraduate research forum featuring student projects that sought answers to several public health questions and concerns.

Kyle Whitaker '14 presents research at international conference

The Elon Honors Program graduate presented research at the Pekan International Education Confernce in Malyasia on the value students place on writing in the 21st century.

Yuko Miyamoto named to Rawls endowed professorship

Elon leaders announced Monday that the associate professor of biology has been selected the next Japheth E. Rawls Professor for Undergraduate Research in Science.

Seminar on undergraduate research mentoring enters second year

Dozens of professors representing 20 colleges and universities returned to campus July 26-31 for the second year of a three-year research seminar hosted by Elon’s Center for Engaged Learning.

SURE scholars present summer research

Students participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences program spent eight weeks on campus collaborating with faculty on a variety of projects.

Lumen Scholar researches the interplay of dance students and power

Elon University senior Rachel Mehaffey used the university's top prize for undergraduate research and creative achievements to study the way dancers interpret what they are asked to perform on stage and in the classroom.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Caroline Crew '15

Using economic data from China, an Elon University senior found that tourism helps reduce poverty for many residents in developing countries, though some people are helped more than others.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Jake Sokoloff ‘15

An Elon University music theatre major and Elon College Fellow interviewed residents of a local retirement community for stories shared in an original production.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Lauren Packard '15

An Elon University senior independent major in neuroscience made a surprising discovery when she tracked brain activity in dancers being shown how to perform a new task.

Scholarship takes center stage at SURF

Elon University students and professors shared research findings and creative work Tuesday at the Spring Undergraduate Research Forum, a day set aside each spring for the campus community to celebrate scholarship and faculty mentoring relationships.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Mia Watkins '16

A cinema & television arts major conducted ethnographic interviews as part of ongoing research on the future of the Internet.

CELEBRATE! Profile: Kaitlin Sands '15 and Melissa Mischka '15

Though parents of preschoolers focus more of their efforts on teaching children how to read, two Elon University seniors found that you don’t have to be a wizard with numbers to create in young people a love for math and science.

CELEBRATE! Week runs April 27 - May 2

Hundreds of Elon students will be involved in activities during CELEBRATE! 2015, a celebration of achievements in academics and creative endeavors that culminates with the university's second annual extravaganza of the arts & sciences.

Honors Fellow receives national summer research fellowship

Students and faculty participate in physics conference

Elon Lumen Scholar Helen Meskhidze '16 and Associate Professor Anthony Crider each presented at a regional meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers at Wake Forest University from March 27-28.

Lumen Scholar sheds light on impacts of microfinance

Research by Elon University senior Kate Smith-Lin finds that citizens of Indonesia don’t necessarily save more money after a bank opens in rural areas, but they do change the way they save, making it easier to protect their families in times of crisis.

Math majors and faculty present at regional conference

A total of six math majors and faculty presented at the annual conference of the Southeastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America in Wilmington, N.C., on March 13-14, 2015.