General Information

The Accounting Office provides a range of budget-related functions, including the compilation of the fiscal year budgeting process, maintaining budget changes throughout the year, and training users to view budgets on-line. If we can be of any assistance please call or stop by our location in the Business Services Building.

Accounting Office
Campus Box 2900
314 West Haggard Ave
Ph: 278-5260
Fax: 278-5299


Fund 0 (Operating):          Melissa Hoff
Fund 1 (Designated):       Courtney Saul
Fund 3 (Endowment):      Kelly McKinney
Fund 4 (Plant):                   Sherrie Westbrooks
Fund 5 (Law School):       Kelly McKinney
Fund 8 (Oaks):                   Sherrie Westbrooks
Fund 9 (Agency):               Kera Hinton