2017 Wellness Jeopardy Walking Challenge!
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Faculty/Staff Pedometer Program

Sept. 18th - Nov. 12th 

Wellness Jeopardy is an educational pedometer game played similar to the popular quiz show. The categories are components of wellness; SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL, INTELLECTUAL. With each correct answer your team will receive extra miles. 

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Your team must accumulate 675 miles in 8 weeks to be entered into Final Jeopardy and a chance to win a Yeti Cooler.

Game Rules

1. Answer questions on the Jeopardy Board to earn extra miles.
2. Create a team of 3 participants and choose your team name.  Your team must work together to play Wellness Jeopardy and accumulate miles.
3. Stop by Wellness and pick up a pedometer or use your own Fit bit ect.
4. Each team member must walk at least 150 miles and at least 6 miles per 24-mile milestone.
5. For every 24 miles your team accumulates you will be able to select a category and mileage square to receive a question. The difficulty of questions increases with the increase of miles on the board. EX: A question for 1 mile is easier than the question for 5 miles.
6. Please give us 24 hours to review your answer.  Once we have confirmed the correct answer the extra miles will show up on your mileage board.
7. If your team misses a question those miles will be subtracted from your total miles and you will need to accumulate more miles to reach the next mile marker before attempting another question. Ex:  Your team has 29 miles and you choose a question worth 4 miles to answer. If you get the question wrong 4 miles is subtracted from your total of 29 miles to give you 25 miles. You must then walk 23 more miles to reach the next mile marker of 48 miles before choosing another question.
8. With each completed category your team receives 15 extra miles.
9. Each team member will also receive a prize upon completion of 2 and 4 categories. Another prize will be awarded upon completion of the entire board.
10. If your team completes the whole Jeopardy board you will have received a total of 75 extra miles.
11. Somewhere on the board is the DAILY DOUBLE question. If you successfully answer this question your team will receive double the miles.


All teams who have reached 675 miles by the end of the program 11/12 will be entered into Final Jeopardy.

An email will be sent out to the Final Jeopardy teams with their mileage and the category of the final question.

Each team will make a wager (using their miles) and the team who has the most miles at the end will win.

If there is a tie then there will be a drawing.

*Teams that miss the answer will have the miles they wagered subtracted from their total miles.
*Teams that get the answer correct will have the miles wagered added to their total miles.

The winning team members will each receive a Yeti cooler.