Workstation Evaluation


Work - Related  discomfort is not a myth. Many workers routinely encounter considerable discomfort from their work activities. Elon is committed to  providing faculty/staff with workstations which are free from known or potential hazards and which will allow you to be both productive and comfortable.

In order for us to best determine whether your workstation is appropriate or if the workstation arrangement needs to be modified, you must request a workstation evaluation by completing a short survey. One of our workstation eval team members will contact you within 5 days.

Request a Workstation Evaluation

Guide to self evaluation of your workstation

Desk Exercises

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Standing Desk Program

There is considerable evidence to suggest that prolonged sitting is detrimental to health, even when people exercise regularly, increasing the risk of illness and disease. Conversely, there are many benefits to sitting less and moving more, including reduced risk of chronic diseases, improved weight managment and reducing the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

If you are interested in learning more about the standing desk program and grants please reveiw this information;


Standing Desk Information

Varidesk website