The Nonprofit Leadership Community of Professional Practice (NPL CoPP) is an advising track for students, regardless of their declared major and/or minor, that are interested in pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector.  This is not just for students who want to “run” a nonprofit; this is for all students interested in enacting leadership in any role within a nonprofit organization.  The track will serve as another resource for students to:

  • Plan their coursework to align with their career goals
  • Develop relationships with faculty that have shared interests
  • Build a community with their peers

Please contact Dr. Lopina ( for access

to the General Information Session materials.


Participants in the Communities of Professional Practice are strongly encouraged to take CAS 171 (2-credit hours; recommended for sophomores) and CAS 271 (2-credit hours; recommended for juniors/seniors) — BOTH courses will be offered Fall 2022:

The Art & Science of Your College Journey I (CAS 1710) and II (CAS 2710):

The college experience and entry into young adulthood is a journey marked by ambiguity and uncertainty.  Scholars across disciplines—philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc.—have grappled with this uncertainty.  Students in this course will engage in active sense-making to more intentionally navigate their college journey.  Specifically, students will read and apply interdisciplinary scholarship to answer questions such as:  How do you define meaning in your life?  What motivates you?  How do individuals thrive and flourish in their pursuits?  What are your personal and professional goals? How can the arts and sciences education facilitate your goal achievement?  This course is intended for students who are thinking about participating in one of the communities of professional practice or designing their own plan of study in order to reach professional goals.