Research/Creative Interests

I have wide-ranging curiosities and love to support student project. My background and skillset lends itself well to human movement analysis (biomechanics), dance science, neuroscience, sport performance and rehabilitation, as well as engaged teaching and learning.

Research/Creative Needs

Varied opportunities include participant recruitment, data collection, data analysis, and all facets of the research process. Interested in expanding neuroscience and VR research opportunities. I value creative and adaptive thinking.

Mentoring Style

  • One-on-one or in small groups, depending on the project

Currently looking for a student to apply and work in these programs

  • Any program/opportunity

I can mentor a student enrolled in 4998/4999 hours during these semesters

  • Any semester, email me to ask

Student Qualifications

I am also open to student ideas.

  • Have passion areas and ability to grow into independent researchers
  • Interest in health, exercise, wellness, and human movement behavior
  • Particular interest in neuroscience and dance science related projects
  • Demonstrates responsiveness and clear communication
  • Willing to learn new skills such as data analysis, coding, or experimental methods
  • Particularly interested in students studying the arts and humanities that are interested in neuroscience

Additional Information

In addition to disciplinary research projects, I also engage in scholarly teaching through the production of a podcast and research on mentoring relationships. Students from any background may be able to find opportunities with these projects.

Interested? Please email me to set up a meeting.