Required Health Information and Immunizations Materials

Student health and wellbeing  are important! Students must complete several health and wellbeing requirements prior to coming to Elon.

Please note that students will not be able to attend classes, attend orientation, view residence hall assignments, or move into the residence halls, until immunization records have been received, reviewed for compliance, and cleared by Student Health Services.

All required health information is due:

  • July 1 for fall enrollment
  • December 1 for January/Spring enrollment
  • May 1 for Summer I
  • June 1 for Summer II

Records must be uploaded to the Phoenix Health Portal.


Activate Your PhoenixHealth Patient Portal (Required)

The first step in preparing to manage your health and submit required documents is to access your Phoenix Health portal. Your PhoenixHealth portal is where you will upload and print immunization records and other important documents, schedule and cancel appointments, and securely communicate with providers. You will need to use your Elon email address.

Submit Proof of State-Required and University Required Immunizations and Vaccines (Required)

University Policy and State Regulations require that all new students (graduate, law and undergraduate) submit a record of all required immunizations on or before July 1. North Carolina Public Health law requires proof of immunization to protect you and others while you are attending Elon University.

  • You DO NOT need to complete a physical exam unless you are required to do so as a requirement for athletics or your academic program (PA and DPT only).
  • Review the immunization requirements and recommendations as they apply to you.  See document packets below.
  • Complete the forms and immunization documentation available below and upload those documents through your Phoenix Health portal. All required forms and additional information may be found on the Student Health Service website.
  • Information to apply for a medical or religious exemption for state or university mandated vaccines may be found here. The process for securing a medical exemption can take a few weeks, so students should complete this process as soon as possible before the due date.
  • Students will receive responses and periodic updates regarding their completion status through the PhoenixHealth portal. Check that account regularly so that you do not miss important information.
  • Students’ current immunization records are available by contacting their health care provider or school guidance office.  If you need additional immunizations to meet compliance requirements, contact your health care provider or your local health department. They can advise you about where you can receive necessary immunizations
  • If you have questions about state or university required immunizations or your status, please call Student Health Services at 336-278-7230 or email from your Elon email account.

Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire (Required)

  •  Answer each of the questions on the TB screening questionnaire.
  • If all answers on the screening questionnaire are no, ensure the student’s name is on the form and submit to the student’s medical provider to confirm a TB skin test is not needed. The physician should sign off on the form.
  • If any questions are answered yes, the student will need to consult with his/her primary care provider to determine if a TB skin test (TST/PPD) is necessary. If the provider determines no further testing is necessary, he/she will sign the form indicating no test is needed. Undergraduate students are NOT required to have a two-step TB test.
  • Students in the School of Health Sciences should review the packet below for additional requirements

Provide Medical Insurance Information

  • Elon University requires that all students follow federal law regarding health insurance requirements.
  • Elon does not offer a university-sponsored insurance plan. Many students are already enrolled in qualifying insurance plans through parents, spouse, partner, or guardian plans.
  • Additional information about student insurance may be found on the Student Health Services website. If you are not currently enrolled in a federally compliant qualified insurance policy, you may want to consult the affordable care website to learn about options.
  • You must upload your insurance information to the Phoenix Health portal.
  • If you have questions about this process, please call Student Health Services at 336-278-7230 or email from your Elon email account.

Submit Health Information Form (Highly Encouraged but not mandatory)

  • Students are also encouraged to submit additional health information to the Office of Student Care and Outreach.
  • Students who complete this form will receive additional information about campus resources relating to physical and mental health. This information will be sent to your Elon email address.
  • You do not need to complete a pre-matriculation physical exam to submit this form.
  • Please note that submission of this health information form does not register you for accommodations for a qualified disability. If you would like information or need to register for accommodations available to qualified students with disabilities, please consult the Office of Disabilities Resources website or by calling (336) 278-6568.

After You Submit Your Required Information

  • Please allow 5-7 business days for your records to be processed.
  • When your records have been processed, you will receive an automated email to your university email account ( notifying you:
    • Student Health Services has received all required documentation and you are in compliance with state and University requirements; or
    • a list of outstanding documentation or information.
  • Students are responsible for responding immediately to any request for additional information so they can be in compliance by the deadline.
  • Due to the volume of records received, staff are not able to call or email individuals to confirm receipt of records or compliance status. Please check your Phoenix Health portal and your Elon e-mail account for updates.
  • If you have questions about your status, please call Student Health Services at (336) 278-7230 during business hours or email from your Elon e-mail account.

Required Document Packets

Please visit the links below to download the appropriate required forms in PDF format.