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Name: Jonathan Howell

Bio: Credits from the University of Cambridge institute of continuing education

Area of Expertise: Author/Editor/Journalist

Topic: Technology

Headline: Advanced Internet Possibilities

Nutshell: If one produces a sum which is random and large with enough digits you can search for anything inside that sequence of numbers to find every music performance film or play or even event even if it were never recorded, but of course this would be difficult!


A way of predicting the future using a computer programme (or an advanced Internet) would be to connect a number generator to a screen. Eventually the number generator would generate the right numbers to project the future as a moving image (as numbers make up the image on a screen). 

One could also see any period of past history on a screen and it would also generate the right numbers to see into the universe the present, or the future. 

Depending what one wants to look at one could just generate around a chosen image and pick the choices too look at, like a magnifying glass over a book, one wouldn’t need a magnifying glass the size of a book, avoiding a hard drive the size of the universe. It would be like an advanced satellite using calculations to search for anything on earth from every time period. 

One could search for a picture convert to numbers, using pattern recognition to find the one which is most realistic and which obeys the right patterns. 

When one has the knowledge for everything you can recreate atoms or shape them so if you combine it with infinite knowledge, the generation of anything on a screen, you can create places with the reshaped atoms to go back or forward in time and to anywhere in the universe.

Date Submitted: March 3, 2009