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Seeking Financial Support

Seeking support for our work

If you like what we are doing, please consider making a gift to Elon University that is earmarked for general support of the projects of the Imagining the Internet Center.

Elon LogoThe Center takes a neutral, objective approach to its work and does not do sponsored research. However, we are seeking general gifts to underwrite the overall operation of the center, provide support for documentary projects and extend the influence of Imagining the Internet to add to the global dissemination and impact of its reports.

The center not only provides a public service in documenting the evolution of the Internet, it also serves as a wonderful experiential-learning setting for the young people who assist in the compilation of the data you see on the thousands of Web pages of Imagining the Internet. It is teaching young leaders to understand the complexities of the issues that lie ahead.

Most of the Center’s modest funding is currently provided by Elon University’s School of Communications. While the Pew Internet & American Life Project, a non-profit initiative of the Pew Research Center, helped Imagining the Internet get started with a foundational grant that built the Early ’90s Predictions Database, and Pew Internet continues to partner with the Center on the “Future of the Internet” surveys and some of the Center’s books, this funding cannot support all of the Center’s primary programs.

To find out about how you can assist by underwriting undergraduate research experiences and other work of the center, please contact Janna Quitney Anderson at andersj@elon.edu.