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Metaverse Roadmap Summit, 2006

Metaverse Roadmap Group PhotoThis page offers links to a series of interviews about the future of the internet conducted with participants in the Metaverse Roadmap Summit at Stanford Research Institute International May 5 and 6, 2006. Participants included Esther Dyson of CNET Networks; Randy Farmer of Yahoo; Raph Koster, former Sony Online Entertainment CCO; Mike Liebhold of the Institute for the Future; Jamais Cascio of Open The Future; David Smith of Open Croquet; Daniel James of Three Rings; Ethan Zuckerman of Harvard and many others. Twenty-four of the 40 futurists, technology architects, academics, and entrepreneurs who met at SRI to begin work on a 10-year technology forecast and visioning survey were interviewed about the future of the internet for this site. Follow the links below to hear or read the interviews. These pages only contain interviews and content from the live event. To read the report crafted from attendees’ post-conference insights, please click here to go to the Metaverse Roadmap Report.

On screen – 24 individual video interviews:

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In Print – 24 interviews in transcript form:

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Questions/Answers – links to audio clips by topic:

>>What would you ask policymakers to do to ensure a positive future for networked technologies?

>>What is your most fervent hope for the future of networked technologies?

>>What is your greatest fear for the future of networked technologies?

>>During the next decade, what technology will have the greatest impact on our everyday lives?

>>Looking more than 10 years in the future, what technological development will have the greatest impact on society?

>>Listen to the keynote address by Mike Liebhold

The Metaverse Roadmap Project is an effort led by the Acceleration Studies Foundation to predict the nature, scope and form of the future of the 3D internet, including synthetic worlds and geospatial information systems.