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Global Internet Governance Forum, 2009

Internet Governance Forum in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, November 2009

IGF Opening Speaker PhotoThe Internet Governance Forum facilitated by the United Nations in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, Nov. 15-18, 2009, was the fourth in a series of five planned global events. It attracted more than 1,800 stakeholders from nearly 100 nations for a discussion of ideas and ideals as they relate to the future of information and communication technologies. The basic purpose of IGF is to maximize the opportunities the Internet offers, addressing risks and challenges. The program for the meeting was developed by a 56-member IGF  Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) in a year-long process. Over the four days of IGF, at least 115 different workshops, plenary sessions and other events took place. This web page contains links to documentary coverage of a few of the representative key events at the global IGF-2009 recorded by Janna Anderson, Shelley Russell, Drew Smith, Eugene Daniel, Andie Diemer and Dan Anderson. To go directly to the results of the video survey of IGF participants on the future of IGF and the Internet, click here: The Imagining the Internet VIDEO SURVEY at IGF 2009

The IGF 2009 Opening Session

The 2009 Opening Keynote Panel

Mobile Internet Issues Workshop

Workshop on Transnationalization of Internet Governance

Workshop on a Rights-based Framework for Open Standards

Main Session on Management of Critical Internet Resources

Workshop on Youth and Internet Governance

Main Session on Security, Openness and Privacy

Roundtable on Balancing Needs for Security and Privacy

Workshop on the Fundamentals: Core Internet Values

Privacy and Security Implications of Cloud Computing Workshop

Workshop on Social Media and Internet Governance

Main Session on the Desirability of Continuation of the Global IGF

Network Neutrality Workshop

Main Panel on Emerging Issues: Focus on Impact of Social Networks

Photo slideshow from IGF 2009 – 141 still photos Nov. 15-18

Official IGF Secretariat links to audio and video from IGF 2009

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