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Internet Governance Forum – USA, 2019

IGF USA LogoDocumentary Reports from the 2019 Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum of the United States

Photo from IGF USA 2019

A multimedia journalism team of student journalists from Elon University assembled this near-real-time coverage July 25, 2019, at the IGF-USA conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. See links below to view reports from 10 major events, including keynotes by top U.S. government technology leader/administrators.

The Internet Governance Forum-USA is a multistakeholder gathering for members of civil society, business, government, academia and the technology sector who meet to illuminate key issues, share concerns and best practices and cultivate constructive relationships to work toward a better future. The IGF-USA Steering Committee will present a report from this meeting at the United Nations-facilitated Global IGF 2019 in November in Berlin, Germany.

IGF-USA 2019 event photos are available on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/elonuniversity/albums/72157709878167907

Full written accounts with video highlights and photos:

Plenary Panel and FTC Commissioner Fireside Chat – “U.S. National Privacy Strategy: Data Governance and Accountability”

Breakout Panel – “Balancing the Governance of Artificial Intelligence”

Breakout Panel – “Innovative Solutions for Digital Inclusion”

Breakout Panel – “Antitrust: Does It Work for Tech?

Breakout Panel – “5G Enabling Tech Innovation”

Breakout Panel – “Cyber Safety and Resilience at the Infrastructure Layer”

Breakout Panel – “Platform Liability for User Content and Commerce in 2019”

Plenary Panel and U.S. Department of State Keynote – “Techlash and Internet Evolution”

Full-length videos of all IGF- 2019 events captured from the IGF-USA livestream – https://www.igfusa.us/igf-usa-2019-video/

The multimedia reporting team for Imagining the Internet for the IGF-USA 2019 project includes the following Elon University School of Communications students, staff and faculty:

Janna Anderson, Maeve Ashbrook, Elisabeth Bachmann, Bryan Baker, Paloma Camacho, Samantha Casamento, Colin Donohue, Abby Gibbs, Jack Haley, Hannah Massen, Grace Morris, Jack Norcross, Maria Ramirez, Brian Rea, Alexandra Roat, Baylor Rodman, Zach Skillings, Ted Thomas, Victoria Traxler, Julia Walter, Courtney Weiner, Mackenzie Wilkes and Cameron Wolfslayer.