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IGF USA 2016 Conference Room PhotoThe Internet Governance Forum-USA is a preliminary preparation event for the Global Internet Governance Forum processes facilitated by the United Nations. IGF-USA is a multistakeholder gathering for members of civil society, businesses, government, academia and the technology sector who meet to illuminate key issues, share concerns and best practices and cultivate constructive relationships to work toward a better future. The IGF-USA Steering Committee will present a report from this meeting at the Global IGF 2016 in December, in Guadalajara, Mexico. A multimedia journalism team of students from Elon University assembled this IGF-USA coverage.

Find a complete set of IGF-USA 2016 event photos on Flickr.

Full written accounts with video and photos can be found at the following links:

Plenary Keynote – Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Research Internet, Science and Technology Project

Plenary Chat – Cathy Novelli, under secretary of State, U.S. Department of State

Plenary Session – “Enhancing Internet Connectivity for All and Bringing the Next Billion Online”

Transcripts from “Enhancing Internet Connectivity” – the Global Connect Lightning Talks

Breakout – “Expanding access, adoption and digital literacy through technology and local solutions”

Breakout – “Content and Conduct: Countering Violent Extremism and Promoting Human Rights Online”

Breakout – “Trade Transparency: A Discussion of Policy Strengths, Weaknesses, Potential Reforms”

Breakout – “How Better Broadband Benefits Everyone: Competition as a Lever Toward Progress”

Breakout – “Managing the Opportunities and Risks of the Internet of Things and Big Data”

Breakout – “Privacy v. Security: Is there room for both privacy and security in the Internet’s future?”

Plenary Keynote – Larry Strickling, U.S. National Telecommunication and Information Administration

Plenary Panel – “ICANN and the IANA Transfer: What’s at Stake and What’s Next?”

Plenary Event – Leaders Present Summaries of Earlier Breakout Sessions

Plenary Keynote – David Farber, Distinguished Professor, Carnegie Mellon; Internet Hall of Famer

Plenary – Daniel Sepulveda, Coordinator for Communications and Information Policy, State Department

The multimedia reporting team for Imagining the Internet at IGF-USA 2016 included the following Elon University School of Communications students, staff and faculty:

Bryan Anderson, Janna Anderson, Bryan Baker, Elizabeth Bilka, Ashley Bohle, Courtney Campbell, Colin Donohue, Melissa Douglas, Mackenzie Dunn, Maya Eaglin, Christina Elias, Rachel Ellis, Caroline Hartshorn, Paul LeBlanc, Emmanuel Morgan, Joey Nappa, Diego Pineda Davila, Alyssa Potter, Kailey Tracy, Andrew Steinitz, Anna Zwingelberg. Special thank-you to Elon University School of Communications National Advisory Board Member Lee Rainie, director of the Pew Research Internet, Science and Technology Project.

Elon IGF Team Photo