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Global Internet Governance Forum, 2010

Panel Discussion Group Photo IGF 2010The global Internet Governance Forum, facilitated by the United Nations in Vilnius, Lithuania, Sept. 14-17, 2010, was the fifth event in a series that was proposed through the deliberative processes of the World Summits on the Information Society.

It attracted approximately 2,000 people from civil society, business, the technology sector, government and academia from more than 100 countries – 1,400 attended in person and 600 participated online from remote hubs around the world.

Participants in IGF work to maximize the advantages the Internet offers, addressing opportunities and challenges. Each day dozens of workshops, plenary sessions and other events took place.

IGF 2010 Logo This set of Web pages contains links to documentary coverage of a few key events at the global IGF-2010 plus an on-scene video survey.

> The Global IGF 2010 Video Survey

> Plenary Session: Taking Stock of Internet Governance

> Plenary session: Managing Critical Internet Resources

> Plenary session: Emerging Issues – Cloud Computing

> Plenary session: Security, Openness, Privacy

> Workshop: Core Internet Values and Principles of IG Across Generations

> Workshop: Priorities for the Long-Term Stability of the Internet

> The IGF 2010 Official Opening Ceremony

> Pre-Opening Session: International Governance – Setting the Scene

> Workshop: Governance Successes and Failures; Looking to WSIS 2015

> Workshop: The Role of Internet Intermediaries in Advancing Public Policy

> Workshop: The New Breed of Location Services – Challenges for Child Safety

> Dynamic Coalition meeting: Internet Rights and Principles

> Dynamic Coalition organizational session: The Internet of Things

> Dynamic Coalition organizational session: Core Values of the Internet

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