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Name: Bruno Vilarasau

Bio: 7 years developing internet-related services in the US and in Spain

Area of Expertise: Technology Developer/Administrator

Topic: Getting, Sharing Information

Headline: All Digital Cameras with GPS

Nutshell: Global-positioning systems in digital cameras will map everyone's photography.


The lowering cost and size of GPS systems and digital cameras will lead to the inclusion of the former functionality in the latter devices. When you take a picture, it will automatically include the exact time and place as part of the metadata.

When the user downloads her pictures to a PC, geo-positioning media management software will organize them by time and place. The user will have all her pictures organized in a map.

The sharing and posting of pictures with time and place stamp will greatly increase the attractiveness of photologs, picture sites and mapping sites. It will allow people to easily organize and find media particular to a location. (Using commercial names, the user uploading her pictures to flickr will avoid having to specify place, and the user looking at pictures will easily locate them. When looking at Google Maps or Earth, on top of the satellite images, you will be able to see pictures taken there.)

There are currently one or two cameras with integrated GPS. In 2007 a bunch more will come out. By 2008 most cameras sold will include it.

Date Submitted: November 6, 2006