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Name: Himadri Banerji

Bio: Chief Executive and Project Director at Reliance Energy the world's largest energy company

Area of Expertise: Entrepreneur/Business Leader

Topic: General, Overarching Remarks

Headline: Changing complexity towards zero acceleration in change

Nutshell: Change rate will stabilize. One will see very complex interactions which in the overall will regulate the change process away from the asymptotic, and singularity will be unlikely to be ever achieved.


What will happen if change continues at an accelerating rate? Is there a precise mathematical law that governs the evolution of change and complexity in the Universe? And if there is one, how universal is it? How long has it been in effect and how far in the future can we forecast it? If this law follows a simple exponential pattern, we are heading for an imminent singularity, namely the absurd situation where change appears faster than we can become aware of it. If the law is more of a natural-growth process (logistic pattern), then we cannot be very far from its inflection point, the maximum rate of change possible.

Date Submitted: January 16, 2008

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