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Name: Tony V

From: Wisconsin

Bio: I'm OLD!

Area of Expertise: Advocate/Voice of the People

Topic: General, Overarching Remarks

Headline: Cyber chaos and de-globalization

Nutshell: The conglomeration of all forms of media, communication, business and entertainment into one singular vehicle will be overwhelming for most all participants.


The Internet, as it is rapidly transforming into a singular and all-encompassing source for all forms of media/communication, is simultaneously sewing it’s own seeds of self-destruction. The Internet will become far too complex and chaotic and will drive most serious users into smaller and smaller "walled-gardens" and subnets.

Economically, it will be impossible to meet the demand for isolated bandwidth and infrastructure, and the Internet (www), as you know it, will implode under its own weight. Fortunately, the combination of environmental collapse and global financial failure will coincide, and mankind will probably return to a comfortable mid-20th Century mode of existence.

Moral of this story: Enjoy this cyber-artificiality while you can cuz it jus ain’t gonna last…

Date Submitted: December 24, 2008