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Name: J. Doe

From: Washington

Bio: internet user, news junkie, homeless tramp

Area of Expertise: Advocate/Voice of the People

Topic: Community/Culture

Headline: Dissolution of America

Nutshell: Geo. Orwell would be proud of the controls about to be enacted via the internet.


My vision is one of doom and gloom as the Western societies surrender their liberties and control of their culture to fear due to lack of moral willpower. As the Islamic countries garner support amongst their own populace for jihad the attacks of social, judicial and cultural jihad progress against their perceived enemies. This leads to a strong clamp down upon the open access of information on the Internet until such time as Europe is absorbed into the Caliphate. America, standing alone eventually falls into the grips of Islamic sharia law, at which time the Internet is turned off for the common man. The Internet will be the exclusive medium of the ruling class in the Islamic world view of their theocracy.

Date Submitted: July 18, 2007