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Name: Jesse Simpson

From: Washington

Bio: Internet user

Area of Expertise: Author/Editor/Journalist

Topic: General, Overarching Remarks

Headline: Fear the Interwebz!

Nutshell: Computers will be installed in our bodies and each individual will be a server.


Soon it be commonplace to have a computer installed into your body so that each and every person is a server unto themselves. William Gibson will be held up as a god among all people; the United Nations will invite him to the unveiling of his statue, and after he accepts the honor it will become public that he wrote the original stories that became "Johnny Mnemonic" (the Keanu Reeves movie) and he will be stabbed to death with sporks. He will be noted in the forgotten corners of the internet as a martyr, and there shall be a prophecy announcing his return to wipe his beloved internet clean of all useless and ultimately pointless information, leaving two pages: my home page and Homestar Runner.com. So shall it be on earth as it is in server seven.

Date Submitted: December 4, 2006