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Name: Gary Kreps

From: Maryland

Bio: I write and conduct research about health information technologies.

Area of Expertise: Research Scientist/Illuminator

Topic: Communication

Headline: Health Information Revolution: The Advent of eHealth

Nutshell: New health information technologies are increasing access to relevant health information and have the potential to enhance the effectiveness of health care and health promotion.


There is an information technology revolution brewing in the delivery of health care and the promotion of health. The development, adoption, and implementation of a broad range of new ehealth applications (such as on-line health information systems, interactive electronic health records, health decision support systems, tailored health education programs, web portals, mobile communication programs, and advanced telehealth applications) holds tremendous promise to increase consumer and provider access to relevant health information, enhance the quality of care, reduce health care errors, increase collaboration, and encourage the adoption of healthy behaviors. With the growth of new and exciting health information technology opportunities, however, comes the daunting responsibility to design interoperable, easy to use, engaging, and accessible ehealth applications that provide the right information needed to guide health care and health promotion for diverse audiences. The challenge ahead is to design effective and humane ehealth applications to help guide strategic development and implementation of health information technologies. The goals should be to increase access to health information to all consumers and providers, to enhance the quality and relevance of health information available, and to promote cooperation between stakeholders (particularly consumers and providers) in the delivery of care and the promotion of health.

Date Submitted: December 16, 2009