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Name: Kanumurisraju

Bio: Next-generation Internet evangelist

Area of Expertise: Entrepreneur/Business Leader

Topic: Information Infrastructure

Headline: Human knowledge commerce net

Nutshell: Human knowledge commerce should happen between people where knowledge and resources can bartered between people


It is nice to know about advance thinking of building a new Internet which brings global economical and survival revolution. What I want to share is to create a next-generation Internet which will help for survival and a happy life all over the world by taking care of people food, energy and knowledge requirements through knowledge collaboration and bartering of knowledge, resources, etc.

It should become a global knowledge survival cloud. The true "human knowledge commerce" should take place where communities and global villages can live happily and become one world or every village can survive, like an urban city with food, energy and work security.

Reduce junk info. Reuse resulting info. Recycle info into intelligent knowledge. Use less rotten data or info to create best, knowledgeable websites such that Google’s, Facebooks, etc., can do some good things for the growth of users and people all over the world.

By doing this, people can live without inflation and money as an instrument. With less money they can live happily through a collaboration and sharing model. It is a true grassroot level, each individual, leadership, collaboration.

Date Submitted: April 22, 2012