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Name: Filipe da Silva

Bio: IT development

Area of Expertise: Technology Developer/Administrator

Topic: Controversial Issues

Headline: Humans will be connected to virtual worlds inside a super internet: YNET

Nutshell: The world is united in harmony and the peace is remaining between humans. The internet as we know is connecting every human being with one another by their brains. People live a combined life - half in reality half virtually.


The YNET, which provides mostly the same services as the internet nowadays, is by far more advanced in the way that you can interact inside as your own person. First, you connect yourself by your chip in your body. This chip is some kind of key with a password to enter inside the network. Once inside, you can select the room you want to visit. In addition to people, there are also DI’s or digital images that are creations inside the YNET. Some of them are VAI’s or virtual artificial-intelligence creatures. They’re all coming in human forms. Others are just simulations or search engines that only act on the command of the guest.

Date Submitted: May 30, 2007