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Name: Mike

From: California

Bio: Owner of multiple websites, digital cartographer, environmental sociologist

Area of Expertise: Pioneer/Originator

Topic: Controversial Issues

Headline: In the future, the internet will be a faded memory of what could have been

Nutshell: Ironically, the power required to run the internet and provide our access so that we can do wonderous mind-opening things is dependent more and more on environmental destruction, resource grabbing, war and human suffering.


The internet – everything that we do electronically – is dependent on energy. Energy (or lack of or lack of access to) is the straw that will break the back of the internet. Without power, the internet is of no use. Ironically, the power needed for us to do our innovative, mind-opening and radical things will be gained more and more through coercion, environmental destruction, war and human suffering. Then, of course, add climate change to the mix and in the not-too-far future, few will have access to the internet and the promise of openness will be lost.

Date Submitted: November 30, 2006