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Name: B Greenberg

From: Texas

Bio: I have always sought to incorporate artificial intelligence with biological systems

Area of Expertise: Research Scientist/Illuminator

Topic: Technology

Headline: Information access envisoned in fiction (omni-coder) will be accessible through neural input such as thought

Nutshell: All known information (audio, video, text, thought) will be shared directly among ourselves (externally and internally), our homes. Direct neural access, processing and transmission will be achieved within our lifetime!


As a young child I watched a "Twilight Zone" episode regarding an imagined futuristic and vaguely described device, the "omni-coder." I have always had an idea of how such a device would manifest itself in our lifetime. How far we have come in the past 15 years! The invention of the internet, powerful portable computers and cheap wi-fi has made the omni-coder almost possible today. It is ironic that the child who receives the omni-coder in the "Twilight Zone" episode is deemed too intelligent by the fictional future society described, and thus is selectively murdered. Who would have thought the almost omni-present internet that exists today possible in the late ’80s or even early ’90s? We are very lucky to be alive during such exciting times. I found that there are others who are as excited and as eccentric as myself about the future – I Googled "omni-coder" just for the hell of it to see if there was anyone out there who is thinking about such a thing, and there is. This was only possible with my omni-coder.

Date Submitted: November 13, 2006