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Name: DR T.

From: Texas

Bio: Direct descendant (of) aLL that ÏS; Double Masters, 'Institute of Antiquity & Experience'

Area of Expertise: Advocate/Voice of the People

Topic: General, Overarching Remarks

Headline: Just rElAx…

Nutshell: I can only imagine the sacrificial purge, the nation-by-nation "cleaning of ones closet" to eventually reach this hunky-dory paradigm we have viewed°


As a parent, my default reaction is to project my children into this new age and force myself to really analyze the obstacles these innovated leaps may and will have on everyone, initially, especially the children. However, much like when I rip off a bandaid as quicly as possible, I feel this shift needs to round the corner of evolution as swiftly as possible. I mean technological advances that are available to “us” are always stimulating, but there are always going to be those who will bitch and traverse with pure resistance in leiu of ‘”he way it was/the way it should be,” etc… but to each his own right? I feel that we as a people should not be focused on the new lifestyle, for our consciousness will adapt and overcome almost overnight, amazingly enough the same exact timeframe in which one could leave themself, eventually find themselves, lost or more lost, becoming nothing more than a highly evolved corpse.* In truth, this vision is a sad projection of my own personal fears based on experience, meaning one can have all the tools and secrets necessary for any kind of expansion pr growth, yet ignore these assets of truth to stay In familiar waters. Spiritually? Wherever one is within that understanding now, would have to be automatically faced with 2-3 times the struggle as today. On the flip side, I guess I will never have to be all sketched out about having to be around a bunch of weird “Sunday Saints” @ church ever again, [whew] because I will just simply dress myself in something that FEELS GOOD on Sunday mornings,., *LITERALLY

Date Submitted: January 31, 2013