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Name: Katie Scott

From: Wisconsin

Bio: Technology student

Area of Expertise: Advocate/Voice of the People

Topic: Communication

Headline: Mind reading and the internet

Nutshell: Eventually the internet will function on the basis of what you are thinking.


In the future, the internet will transcend vague concepts in which anybody can explore, and go further into a world more tailored for the individual. Upon logging on to the internet, one will use fingerprints as passwords to ensure identity. The physical contact between the thumb and the computer will allow the internet reader to immediately take you to the site you were thinking about. The internet will be able to evaluate your comprehension and provide additional information to the subjects which need clarifying. Typing on the internet will no longer be necessary, as the sensors will scan the reaction of your heartbeat to the website you are exposed to, deciding whether to stay open on the given site or advance to a new topic. Each person will have a unique homepage, displaying current needs according to thoughts. Various homepages on the internet will hold all of each individual’s personal information, including email, bank account information, social contacts, personal compositions, and photography. As your mind scans between whether it is time to check your email or write a paper, the internet will display respective screens. In due time, human-to-human contact will greatly decrease. Socializing will be done primarily via the internet.

Date Submitted: September 30, 2008