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Name: Michael Hupp

From: Wisconsin

Bio: internet user

Area of Expertise: Advocate/Voice of the People

Topic: Technology

Headline: Networked and personalized cars

Nutshell: Cars will offer customized set-up and GPS for different drivers.


The networked computers in cars will become much more sophisticated. They will check tire pressure, gas levels and oil levels. GPS will also become more advanced. Your car will be able to tell where you go and for what purposes so it can adapt its features. The GPS will estimate where you are going and when you are leaving based on daily patterns. Say you go to work every day at 8; the car will start warming itself up (in cold weather) at 7:55 and unlock and start the engine at 8. The car will also know the route you take to work and download weather and traffic reports and suggest alternate routes if needed. If more than one person uses the car the car it will personalize the radio presets, seat adjustments and GPS destinations.

Date Submitted: October 2, 2008