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Name: Derrick L. Cogburn

From: New York

Bio: A student and scholar of Internet Governance and highly applied user.

Area of Expertise: Research Scientist/Illuminator

Topic: Global Relationships/Politics

Headline: Participation by All

Nutshell: Since the Internet is becoming increasingly important to a wide variety of public policy stakeholders, mechanisms will be developed to enhance widespread participation in Internet Governance policy formulation.


In this historical period of Globalization and the emergence of an Information Society, more (and diverse) stakeholders of various types are increasingly recognizing the important role played by the Internet in their lives. As a result, they are feeling the need to express themselves in the processes of formulating public policy for the Internet. Institutionalized forces will continue to feel the pressure from these stakeholders and develop – in concert with these stakeholders – mechanisms for enhanced participation in these processes.

Date Submitted: December 5, 2007