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Name: Roger G

From: North Carolina

Bio: As a heavy internet user, i come in contact with many different mediums upon which we share our idea

Area of Expertise: Advocate/Voice of the People

Topic: Communication

Headline: "The Future is Here, It’s Just Not Widely Distributed Yet" -William Gibson

Nutshell: The Internet will become everything.


The Internet has truly connected the globe. As I am sitting here in my dorm room, free to roam this beautiful campus and not lose my Internet connection at any time, I can’t help but look at the past ten years from my eyes, Generation Y’s eyes, as we have had the world at our fingertips almost from the very beginning. Today, I can conduct almost every part of my life into this vast universe that is cyberspace. And no one can deny that without the Internet, many of us would be lost. What can we do without Facebook, Skype, Blackboard, or Wikipedia? I know I would probably struggle to accomplish such a simple task as researching for a paper. God forbid I actually go to the library for *Gasp* book. But really, the Internet is the most powerful tool in the world right now, and it is constantly changing. The companies that learn how to project themselves well on the Internet are going to be those that make the most money. Artists, advertisers, and accountants alike are all having to adjust to these changes everyday and help to be a part of this new Internet Age. Soon, everything will be wireless and the Internet will be accessible to me anywhere. I’m fortunate that I get to see this whole thing unfold throughout my life, as we are on the first wave of the future. As William Gibson says, "The future is here, it’s just not widely distributed yet.

Date Submitted: March 2, 2010