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Name: Santosh Kalwar

Bio: MSc Information Technology

Area of Expertise: Research Scientist/Illuminator

Topic: Technology

Headline: Understanding the behaviour of Internet Users

Nutshell: More traffic, less anxiety and better interaction between Internet and humans.


It is important for the technology to be controlled by humans more easily and more accurately. It is not the other way around. Today, the age of information. Everyone is looking for the information from searching, chatting, reading, blogging, uploading, dowloading, listening and doing many things that were not possible some 25 years ago. Tomorrow, the future will go not in how to improve technology but how to improve the way we want it. The main focus will be then interaction between humans and Internet. The behaviour of humans online is getting more predictable now a days and no body know who you are online. It is the prime focus to understand the level of various emotions while using Internet. That is the vision for the next Internet. The vision will surely be reality and I am very ambitious about it.

Date Submitted: June 17, 2008