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Name: Daniel Bloemer

Bio: I see behind the commercial Internet, and I want to change it and I will convince people to change.

Area of Expertise: Technology Developer/Administrator

Topic: Controversial Issues

Headline: We must bring the Internet back…

Nutshell: To ensure that it remains a community for building a information pool not a new real living environment


The main purpose of the Internet is to serve as a place to share and get knowledge around the world. At this time the Web is developed to new reality and a way to be independent of laws. Internet is a new method of manipulation, too.

We have a responsibility to preserve the earth and we must create for the younger generations a better world instead of an exploited environment. My vision is to form a non-partisan community which works as a unit to bring the humanity, the balance and world order back, Otherwise the end of the humans, world and the economy is sealed.

Date Submitted: July 1, 2010