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This section of Imagining the Internet is a collection of public-submitted predictions from around the world, submitted via an online form directly to the Imagining the Internet project in the decade-long span from 2004 to 2013 by fans of our first collection of expert comments, the Early 1990s Predictions Database, logged from 1990 to 1995.

Here you can read the fascinating foresight statements of nearly a thousand people from around the world who have shared in their contributions to the Imagining the Internet site. You can also do a refined search of the Voices of the People submissions (search for specific topics, the predictors’ area of expertise, the location of predictors or by keyword or date of prediction).

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Results Pages:

Type any search word in the box at the top (examples: privacy; telepathy; space), or search by predictor's name (example: Kuru), search by predictor's location (example: Canada), select an expertise or topic from the pull-down menu, or choose to search by date of prediction. You only need to pick one field to search. The results pages do NOT show the complete quotes and supporting detail; only the first few lines are there. To get the full details of each quote, click on the colorful title type on the search results pages.