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Nondelegation and Judicial Aggrandizement
Allen C. Sumrall

Symposium: Featured Articles

A Comparative View of Government Intrusion into Bodily Autonomy Regarding Vaccine Mandates and Reproductive Rights in the Wake of COVID-19 and Dobbs
Lauren M. Hausman

Seismic Shifts: Post-COVID Legal Education and the Profession
Zoe Niesel

Parenting in a Post-Pandemic World: The Impact of COVID-19 on Child Custody Disputes
Angela K. Upchurch

Notes & Comments

If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it: Indictment Delays and Due Process
Davis Diethrich

You’ve Got Yourself a Deal! Or Do You?: How the Expansion of the Federal Arbitration Act Triggers the New Lochner Era
Tamara M. Gomez

Talk Sanitary to Me: How the Middle District of Florida Interpreted the Public Health Service Act to End the CDC Mask Mandate
Kylyn N. Mondor

Money for Your Image but No Recognition of Your Trauma: Lack of Institutional Accountability for Athletics Personnel Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Morgan M. Tompkins