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The Attempted Anita Hillification of The Honorable Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson: God of Our Weary Years, God of Our Silent TearsPatricia A. Broussard & Shelly Taylor Page

Toward Mercy: Excessive Sentencing and the Untapped Power of North Carolina’s Constitution
Ben Finholt

A Dumézilian Trifunctionalist Analysis of the U.S. Constitution
Charles Lincoln

Symposium: Featured Articles

A Product by Any Other Name? The Evolving Trend of Product Liability Exposure for Technology Platforms
The Hon. John G. Browning

Unclaimed (Unowned) Digital Assets: Addressing the Legal Implications of Absent or Unknown Ownership
Vladimir Troitsky

Notes & Comments

Hail Mary: How The Prayers of Two Public High School Football Coaches Led to Different Court Decisions and the Weakening of an Establishment Clause Defense for School Districts
Todd M. Bowyer

Reckless Regulation: The Frightening Truth Behind Feminine Hygiene Products
Megan Fallon

Got Meat? The Status of Plant-Based Meat in the Wake of New Plant-based Milk Guidance
Isabella T. Gallelli

The Federal Trade Commission Can’t Compete: Why the FTC is Likely to Fall to Challenges to the Proposed Rule Nationally Banning Non-Compete Agreements
Campbell K. Kargo

And MOUD For All:  A Proposal to Increase Access to Methadone for the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in the Federal Prison System
Jennifer A. Martinez