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Breaking Up in Hard To Do: North Carolina Refuses to End Its Relationship with Heart Balm Torts

Jean M. Cary & Sharon Scudder

Chief Justice John Martin and the Origins of Westernized Tribal Jurisprudence 

J. Matthew Martin

The Emotionally Labile Client: Attorney Duties When a Client Threatens Violence 

Jeffrey Segal & Michael Sacopulos


The Use of Anencephalic Infants as an Organ Source: An On-Going Question

Samantha Gilman

Global Society vs. National Sovereignty: Defending the Use of Legal and Constitutional Comparativism in Death Penalty Jurisprudence 

Luke Gillenwater

The 2010 Amendments to U.C.C. § 9-503: Sufficiency of an Individual Debtor’s Name

Austin Morris


“Darlin,’ The Truth Will Set You Free”: A Tribute to Judge Elreta Melton Alexander 

Patricia Timmons-Goodson