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Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News: First Amendment Empowers Display and Describe Requirements for Purposes of Informed Consent and Commercial Speech
Neely B. Brown

What is Essential: Legal Design and Client Stories
Martha F. Davis

Symposium: Featured Articles

From Disenfranchisement to Citizenship: The One-Person One-Vote Rule Issue and Racial Discrimination in the Trump Era
Cynthia Boyer

Local Poll Site, National Implications
Louis Cholden-Brown

No More Half Measures: The Case for Compulsory Voting in United States Elections
Brandon Marc Draper

Defund to Refund the Vote: Dismantling the Criminal Justice System’s Impact on Voting
Monika Taliaferro


“Productive Harmony:” Using NEPA and the ESA to Mitigate Pesticide Field Trials
Kjirsten C. Durand-Johnson

The Limits of Good Faith: Heien V. North Carolina and Other Fourth Amendment Cases Through the Lens of State v. Carter and the North Carolina Constitution
Ben Parsons

The Modern-Day Case of The Lorax Within the Fourth Circuit
Travis J. Poulos

The Importance of Being a Woman: A Historical Comparison of Female Political Involvement in Early Native America and the U.S.
Spenser M. Sullivan

Book Review

The Enigma of Clarence Thomas: A Critical Analysis
Michael Conklin