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“Was Srebrenica a Genocide?”

Ryan H. Ash

Of Thieves and Repressors: The Interplay Between Corruption and Human Rights Violations

David M. Fuhr

Litmus Test of Our Resolve: War Crimes and International Humanitarian Law in Sri Lanka

Elizabeth Lemon

Article 37 of the UCMJ and Command Responsibility for War Crimes- Unlawful Command Influence as (Rogue) Elephant in the Room

Wm. C. Peters

Hitler’s Forgotten Genocides: The Fate of Soviet Pows

Thomas Earl Porter

Queer Evidence: The Peculiar Evidentiary Burden Faced by Asylum Applicants with Cases Based on Sexual Orientation and Identity

Heather Scavone

From Asylum to Vawa: How U.S. Immigration Laws Can Protect Victims of Domestic Violence

Jessica Yañez


Seeking Justice in a Repressive System: The Case of Blood Diamonds in Angola

Rafael Marques de Morais