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A New Paradigm for Understanding Judicial Notice its Implications in the Modern Digital Era
By Doron Menashe

The Jeffersonian Jurist? A Reconsideration of Justice Louis Brandeis and the Libertarian Legal Tradition in the United States
By Allen Mendenhall

Start-Ups: Why Investors Prefer the Corporate Form to the L.L.C. for Tax Purposes
By Caolan J. Ronan

Fortuity, Intent, and Causation in Liability Insurance Law
By James E. Scheuermann

A Practitioner’s Guide to When Real Estate Becomes a Security
By Alexander D. Selig

Treating Unaccompanied Children Like Children: A Call for the Due Process Right to Counsel for Unaccompanied Minors Placed in Removal Proceedings
By Michael J. Wynne

In the Restricted Section: Harry Potter and Unauthorized Sagas
By Babak Zarin

Hitting the “Bullseye” in Supreme Court Coverage: News Quality in the Court’s 2014 Term
By Michael A. Zilis, Justin Wedeking, & Alexander Denison


A Tough Pill to Swallow: An Examination of Why FDA Regulations Should Relax and Let Tort Law Cure Liability
By Todd P. Kendrick

Bitcoin: The Utopia or Nightmare of Regulation
By Sean McLeod