Simplifying the Transformative Use Doctrine: Analyzing Transformative Expression in EA’s NCAA Football Sport Video Games
– Thomas A. Baker, Kevin K. Byon, John Grady & Beth A. Cianfrone

“It’s Not for a Grade”: The Rewards and Risks of Low-Risk Assessment in the High-Stakes Law School Classroom
– Olympia Duhart

Bib Brouhaha: Golf Caddies’ Lawsuit Challenges PGA Tour’s Compensation and Benefit Structure
– Robert A. Harris

The Right of Publicity and the Student-Athlete
– James A. Johnson

New Policies, New Structure, New Problems? Reviewing the NCAA’s Autonomy Model
– Anthony G. Weaver


Asylum and the American Spirit: The Shift from Foreign Policy-based Bias in Favor of Applicants from Enemy Countries to a Domestic Policy-based Bias Against Applicants from “High-risk” Countries
– Andrew Brower

Confined to a Concrete Cave: The Death Row Torture of Warren Lee Hill
– Kelly K. Holder


Amateurism and the Modern College Athlete
– Mike Ingersoll