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Causation, Science and Taxation
By Bret N. Bogenschneider

A Real-World Perspective on Withdrawal of Objections to Class-Action Settlements and Attorneys’ Fee Awards: Reflections on the Proposed Revisions to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23(e)(5)
By Eric Alan Isaacson

The Foreign Emoluments Clause
By Erik M. Jensen

Judging as Soccer: Jurisprudence, Legisprudence, and Metaphor
By Matthew Reid Krell

Arbitration Agreement for Malpractice Disputes and Its Ethical Magnitude
By Hyung Kyun Kwon

PTSD and Bad Paper Discharges: Why The Fairness to Soldiers Act is Too Little, Too Late By Stephanie Smith Ledesma
“They’re Digging in The Wrong Place:” How Learning Outcomes Can Improve Bar Exams and Ensure Practice Ready Attorneys
By Debra Moss Curtis

Rethinking Afghanistan’s Longest-Lived Constitution: The 1931 Constitution Through the Lens of Constitutional Endurance and Performance Literature
By Shamshad Pasarlay, Ph.D.

Fish or Cut Bait: Academic Dismissals and Due Process
By Tommy Tobin


From Gibberish to Jargon: A Look at the Technical and Legal Issues Surrounding New Technologies and How They Necessitate Active Engagement by Attorneys in Client Decision-Making
By Peter N. McClelland

Providing Safety for Sanctuary Cities: The Constitutional and Policy Arguments Supporting the Enactment of Unrestrictive Laws and Policies by Sanctuary Cities and States
By Adam Roberts