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Electing Fairness: A Check-the-Box-Style Regime for Same-Sex Couples’ Tax Filing Status

Jennifer Bird-Pollan

Taxation of Same-Sex Couples After United States v. Windsor: Did the IRS Get It Right In Revenue Ruling 2013-17? 

Patricia A. Cain

Animus As Undue Burden

William C. Duncan

The Implications of Justice Kennedy’s Opinion in United States v. Windsor

Richard S. Myers

Federalism or Extreme Makeover of State Domestic Regulations Power? The Rules and the Rhetoric of Windsor (and Perry)

Elizabeth Oklevitch and Lynne Marie Kohn

North Carolina Same-Sex Wedlock: The Intersection of United States v. Windsor with North Carolina’s Statutory and Constitutional Prohibitions on Same-Sex Marriage¬†

Rebecca Perry

What’s Next After Windsor?

Mark Strasser

“Sticks and Stones”: Windsor, The New Morality, and Its Old Language

Lynn D. Wardle


South Africa’s Gay Revolution: The Development of Gay and Lesbian Rights in South Africa’s Constitution and the Lingering Societal Stigma Towards the Country’s Homosexualst

Thomas Brown

Worker Centers and the “Social Cause Exception”

John Evans


The Effects of Hollingsworth and Windsor on Family Law

Margaret F. Brinig