Two brothers bring film business to Alamance County, look to partner with Elon students

Award-winning Hollywood makeup artists Dean and Starr Jones recently launched their “dream factory,” Atlantic & Pacific Studio in Burlington. The pair hopes to employ local talent, including School of Communications students.

Alamance County natives Dean and Starr Jones visited the School of Communications on Feb. 6 to talk about the film industry, an area the award-winning Hollywood makeup artists know plenty about. The pair recently bought the old Copland Mills in Burlington and are transforming the factory into Atlantic & Pacific Studios, a production company with a focus on employing local talent and students.

First-year student Brandon Talton (center) chats with the Starr brothers during their campus visit on Feb. 6.

“I’m trying to foster the local talent here, because there’s a lot of talent,” Dean Jones said. “A lot of people with a lot of skills, not including just cameramen and actors and musicians — we have people who want to be grips and work in culinary, and there’s all sorts of jobs on a movie set.”

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, the brothers headed to Los Angeles and worked as makeup artists, building up an impressive IMBD. They have worked on both low-budget projects as well as recognizable titles such as “Lincoln,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides” and “Fast & Furious.” Most notably, Dean Jones won two Emmys for his makeup work on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” They have also written, produced and directed throughout their 30-year career in the film industry.

Currently the brothers are working on a film called “From Hear to Forever ” about an Alamance County native who overcomes a hearing impairment to own several funeral homes and even have a career in comedy. Open auditions were held in late January, and there will be more auditions in February.

Dean Jones, co-founder of Atlantic & Pacific Studio, presents internship opportunities to School of Communications students in attendance.

During the brothers’ campus visit, students hear about Atlantic & Pacific’s upcoming productions and potential internship and job possibilities. The brothers mentioned that students could serve as technical directors, stage crew and directors, and that there were opportunities to act as well.

Vic Costello, associate professor and chair of the Cinema and Television Arts Department, introduced the Jones brothers at the informational meeting, and said he was excited for the opportunities available to the students.

“I look forward to working with Atlantic & Pacific Studio and exploring mutually beneficial opportunities involving the Cinema and Television Arts Department and students from across the school,” Costello said.