Elon University’s Social Media Ambassador (SMA) program is a unique and fun opportunity for students to gain professional social media experience before graduating. SMAs capture the excitement of student life at the University and tell their stories using branded Instagram accounts, create content for Tik Tok and serve as a sounding board for social media. Meet the current SMAs here.

We’re looking for …

Creative students who want to help make an impact on social for Elon. Students who are enthusiastic about Elon and have a strong desire to learn about social media.

Your Responsibilities

  • Create an Elon branded Instagram account (@Elon_Name)
  • Capture, create and share authentic, relevant and timely content while covering suggested academic/sports events.
  • Engage in general, genuine conversation about Elon and related university topics.
  • Personal accounts cannot speak poorly of Elon.
  • Post once a week on Instagram.
  • Submit a video once a semester (i.e. Day in the Life, TikTok trend, etc.) to the social media manager.
  • Attend monthly meetings.
  • Will not represent a non-official social media account resembling Elon (i.e. Elon Barstool).
  • Will notify the Social Media Manager if they begin managing or contributing to another official Elon account.

What’s in it for you?

  • Real-world social media experience.
  • Learning what it takes to build a social platform from the ground up.
  • A portfolio of work you can share with future employers.
  • A reference from the Social Media Manager when you graduate.
  • Earn swag and goodies through the rewards program.
  • A chance to have your content on the Elon social media pages.
  • A chance to be a #influencer for Elon.

Apply today!

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